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My husband had just called to tell us that he was in jail, third offense drunk driving. We were already having problems with gang members harassing our girls and I didn't feel safe alone there at night. Mandy, my fifteen year old blonde angel, was in the shower, Heather, also blonde, her thirteen year old blossoming body was sprawled across the couch watching Hanna Montana with her younger sister Sarah. None of us were wearing much; we seldom did around the house.

A sudden knock at the front door startled me, before I could get to the door it was kicked open. They came from everywhere, the windows, the back door even our bedrooms, so many black youth that I couldn't count or keep track of them. Mandy was dragged from the shower, her wet naked body looked so enticing, her blossoming young breasts stood firm though she struggled against them. Mandy's breasts were the envy of the school and any woman that had seen her. So firm and round with tiny perky nipples that stood erect even on the calmest of days. Her thin blonde pubic hair, still damp from the shower looked like cotton lightly dusting her plump mound. I was in shock, seeing her this way and being man- handled by the black youth, excited me like I've never known.

When they ordered me to strip I refused only to have one cup Mandy's firm tit and squeeze it hard, its either you or her, whom do we fuck bitch. I begged them to leave my daughters alone I would do anything they wanted, so I stripped. My breasts are just slightly larger than Mandy's, still quite firm and youthful, my body had only gotten better with age, heck I've received more attention since turning thirty then when I was a young teen. My panties hit the floor as I was tossed on to the dining room table; a huge black cock was forced into my mouth and right down my throat. Another filled my pussy with one hard forceful thrust. This went on and on, so many young black boys fucked me that I lost count after ten, there big black cocks made me cum like never before, the hot sticky cum all over my face and body turned me on even more, I didn't want to stop when they did.

Through strands of cum I watched as Mandy was laid down beside me and ordered to lick the cum from my pussy as I licked her virgin blonde hole. Before I had my tongue on her clit I knew a knew and over-powering sensation, I was eager to suck her innocent pussy, get her ready for them. While the gang lined up Mandy was pulled on top of me, her plump white ass was up in the air facing the line of black teens; her young pink pussy was crushed against my face and mouth. Mandy didn't have time to react, a huge black cock pushed against her blonde entrance, her fifteen year old little pussy was no match against his powerful thrust, her hymen tore away as he sent over eight inches of black meat deep into her stomach. Mandy cried out only to have another black cock fill her mouth, blood from her cherry trickled on to my face as I watched in awe as more and more of his cock filled her young pussy. I licked at her swollen clit, sucked on the tiny button as he rammed against her, huge black balls rapidly banged against my nose as he fucked her with all the power in his young body. As his hot cum oozed out around his mighty black shaft I drank it up enjoying they nasty feeling it gave me.

The second black cock to fill Mandy made her cry out in agony, it was huge, how I ever took it I don't know but seeing it inside Mandy made me tremble, the wildest, most exciting orgasm rippled through me. Half way through her second fucking Mandy was rewarded with her first orgasm, this made me smile and suck her clit harder. When he pulled his soggy cock from my daughter I sucked it clean then licked up oozing cum from her gaping pussy hole. Mandy was rolled on to her back; I was lead to Heather, who was completely naked between three black boys, on our new couch. I looked to the soft blonde mound between her legs. Just enough pussy hair to dust her pale plump flesh. Without being told to I dropped down between her thighs and sank my face into the softest, silkiest blonde pubes.

Before my first lick I was hooked, it made me cum just thinking about her screaming when they raped her, it made me lick her and suck her swelling clit to think of her being gang fucked without mercy. By the time she was ready Mandy was on her seventh cock and fully enjoying it, I wanted another cock inside me, when I begged them for one they laughed and offered one for my asshole. Well, never before but why not try it, my Heather was on her back, I was over top her, my pussy inches from her face as the thick black cock drove into my bowels.

The pain was overwhelming, but instantly over shadowed by the sight of the huge black cock parting her cherry pussy lips, it hesitated at her hymen then drove into her virgin pussy with a power and force that knocked the wind out of her. Strangely, she didn't bleed as much as Mandy, her tiny hole was stretched beyond any normal ability, yet she fully took him without ripping. Heather's screams were soon muffled by another black cock, my own soft screams weren't of the pain but of the rippling orgasms that rocked me as I watched her being assaulted by the lengthy black cock.

After two black boys fucked Heather she was all about a third, with cum oozing out her blood covered pussy I watched her willingly take another massive cock then got up and walked over to Sarah. Sarah had a wild fearful look on her face as I pulled her panties down to show them her balled little white pussy; Sarah's plump mound looked so enticing that I found myself down between her soft white thighs licking her innocent flesh. My hands slid up her tiny frame to the twin tiny bumps that one day will be breasts. Her nipples reacted instantly, though so tiny one could hardly see them; they felt so good and erect against the palms of my hands.

The cock that hung only inches from my face was a knew one, long, thick, of coarse black, but it wasn't the youthful shiny cock that I had watched deflower my two other daughters, looking up I saw Mr. Jackson, the black cop we had called several times before about gang harassment. "You mind if I fuck your little girl bitch?" I heard him say; with a nod and another lick I stood and allowed him to mount her. His cock was every bit as big as her torso, he was long enough to fuck her heart from her tiny balled pussy. Sarah screamed as the massive black cock head forced itself an inch or two inside her, the hymen refused entrance.

Again she cried as he assaulted her hymen with the head of his cock meat. The cop seemed to take pleasure in this, which excited me even more, when she could no longer fight, Sarah fell limp under him, he pinched both tiny nipples a few times then pulled her tiny legs up and drove several hard black inches into her. Sarah arched her back as even more black dick filled her young innocents. The cop took his time, Heather was on cock eleven by the time the officer was fully fucking Sarah, Mandy was on her knees a huge black cock fucked her throat another was forcing her ripe virgin asshole open.

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By then end of our first night Mandy, Heather and Sarah were cum filled and covered, bruised, battered and fucked till half dead. Though completely drained myself, over fucked and cum drenched, they made me clean each girl with my mouth and tongue, all of this was being played out across the internet.

Several days had passed, we were just getting up and around when my husband called and told me that he got a year in the county, asking for me to come visit him. While there, along with my girls, several inmates made open passes at me, them. Just as we were leaving the black cop from the party walked up, Tammi, need to talk with you a moment! I turned to answer but before I could he finished, if you don't do what I tell you your daughters will end up going to foster care and you to prison for having sex with young boys. I was shocked for a moment, then the slut side of me took over, "Don't need to black mail me Master, what you want me and my girls to do?" We were lead to the basement, The Hole, where the worst of convicts were held till they were transferred to prison.

Past some small cage like rooms a multi shower area, twenty or so black inmates were showering or waiting for its use, we were lead to them, I was commanded to sit on the bench after stripping, so was Heather and Sarah. I was amazed at how many of the guys stopped looking at me and concentrated there attention to Sarah. Her young and undeveloped white body looked so frail and yet they were fixed on her. Mandy stripped slowly as she was lead into the shower, they reached out for her long silky blonde hair, there strong black hands grabbed her perky white breasts fondled her ripe plump ass and probed her tender blonde pussy.

Her moans made me shutter in excitement and anticipation, Mandy slid down to her knees, so many huge black cocks hung around her tiny white face, the shower seemed feverish now, I was on a natural high of sex. Sarah whispered to me, mommy I want to gone them, Heather, Me too. "Shut the fuck up bitches, sit there and wait your turn." Master didn't look like he was playing around. Mandy, get those niggers hard and ready, NOW! After several minutes of Many fondling two huge hardening black cocks and sucking one, I was lead to the furthest shower area, it had a handicap rail, except the cuffs and chains didn't made me think it was meant to create a handicap. Once I was chained up, I found myself bent in just the right position, ass up in the air, face about two maybe three feet from the ground. One stepped forward huge black cock dangling before my face, another cock began probing my asshole, both moved into me at the same time.

My asshole was completely filled and yet he wanted to go deeper, it hurt, he was so thick and long, my throat was cut off of air by another black throbbing cock. After what I guess to be twenty or so assfucks I was uncuffed and thrown back on to the bench where Heather and Sarah still sat. I couldn't really see to good over the sticky, slimy cum that covered my face and eyes but Mandy was still on her knees jerking and sucking black cock. Cum covered her young white breasts as it oozed down her chin and dripped from her face. Heather was half dragged to the chains, this time she was bent in the other direction making her young almost balled blonde pussy stick out, up in the air, exposing her tiny pink pussy to everyone of the now hundreds of inmates.

Then I saw it, my husband, he was up against the steal cage, pants around his ankles, black monster of a man behind him raping his ass while he was being forced to watch us. The first black monster to fuck Heather was ungodly nasty looking, totally ghetto, he took his massive tool in hand and rubbed it up and down her pink slit, pre- cum oozing from the uncut cock meat making Heather's little white pussy glistened, her own juices began to form ass he pushed with a mighty thrust sending his cock head toward her tender insides. Heather cried out in agony and pain as she was stretched beyond belief, her pink, white pussy puffed around the black massive shaft, her thin lips pushed in and pulled out along its girth.

Before Heather could adjust he began thrusting rapidly, bucking like a crazed animal, sending his hot man cum deep inside her. Before his last blast of cum hit her insides they were pulling the nasty bastard off only to be replaced by another. Heather was fucked for over three hours none stop, cum oozed down past her knees from her battered pussy. I was amazed to see Mandy still on her knees except you couldn't tell, she was being held up, cock banging her throat as she gagged and choked, I mean full length fucking, by the signs of her cum covered nipples and juicy young pussy, Mandy was about to orgasm without even having her pussy touched. The gang bang went on and on for Heather, Sarah was still untouched but it was clear that she didn't want it that way. After the inmates were done we were lead to another room where several guard dogs awaited. The smell of our abused bodies must have gotten to them; each sported hard dripping reddish cock meat.

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