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Halloween Party melayu bogel.comThere were two days left until Halloween. It was the first time in years that I didn't have to work, and I wasn't going to be the one stuck at home handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Halloween was also fell on a Saturday this year, which meant I could drink and party all I wanted and I could just spend Sunday recuperating. I was so excited, I had the cutest costume. It involved a miniskirt, a black spaghetti strap, fishnets, a pair of pointy ears, and a fuzzy tail. I know black cats are cliche, but they are also classic... and sexy.

I was actually invited through my friend to the party. I called her on Friday to make sure our plans were still on. She said they were and they we would meet before the party at her house then walk to the house with the party so we wouldn't have to worry about driving. The house where the party was going to be was a few blocks away from her house. On Saturday, we met at about 8:00 to go to dinner. The party was at ten and after dinner we went back to her house to get ready. I changed into my costume and went to the bathroom, where Ash was putting on her makeup. I put on jet-black eyeliner, then drew on a nose and long whiskers. Ash was going as a She-devil, she wore ruby red lipstick and a little red dress that went up mid- thigh. She looked hot to say the least, no pun intended.

Her friend was very wealthy, I couldn't help but think it, but she was a gold digger. They had had a fling before, he drove a Porsche and wore Armani and other snotty brands. He owned a landscaping company, and he didn't really have a lot of time for her, so they never developed into anything more that a fling. We touched up each others' makeup and made sure everything was in place. It was about five after ten when we decided to leave her house. We wanted to be fashionably late, but we didn't want to miss the whole party, the house was about two blocks away. As we walked, the trick-or-treaters become few and the ones that were still out were teenagers. A few cars drove by and whistles were blown out the windows at us, it gave me some confidence.

We got to the street and began walking down it. You could tell a party was going on from all the cars parked on the street. We got to the house, it was huge and decorated for Halloween. You could hear the beat of the music and the door was open. We peered in from the street. The porches lights were all replaced with black-light bulbs and there were fake cobwebs all over everything. As we walked up the steps we saw tons of people inside through the hallway, all dancing to the beat. We entered and laid our coats on the coat table, then walked through the hallway to a larger room. A guy dressed like Frankenstein suddenly appeared, he gave Ash a kiss on the cheek and called her "babe." He took her hand and led her into the crowd. So much for not having to worry about being alone in a house with tons of people I didn't know. I decided I would start with a drink. I found the room with the refreshments.

There was a mini-bar in it with a hired bartender. I ordered a White Russian and waited for my drink. I picked through the bowl of candy on the refreshment table and took in my surroundings. Behind the bar were glass shelves loaded with different kinds of expensive looking alcohol bottles. The shelves were mirrored from behind and the bulbs below the shelves were replaced with radioactive green ones. Spider webs were hung from a few shelves... the bartender handed me my drink and I turned around to watch the dancers. I drank about half of it while gazing through the masks and wigs. A green creature danced with a princess, an alien was twirling a leopard, and Spiderman was dancing with Madonna. The combination of the drink and seeing funny things made me giggle.

Then I noticed a furry creature with pointy ears like mine staring at me. His furry ears were actually a part of his own ears. He had a black nose, a tail, and had a pair of almost sexy looking fangs. His costume was actually very convincing. He made eye contact with me and began to work his way towards me. He left the edge of the crowd and I was still smiling, he held out his hand and asked me if I'd like to dance... I grabbed a hold of his furry hand and he led me back into the crowd. He started just moving his body to the beat and I did the same, careful not to spill my drink. His hands came down on my hips and he pulled me closer. We began moving our bodies against each other. I ran my free hand around to his back and grazed it up and down with my fingers. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. I felt a hard spot in his soft baggy jeans.

He tried to kiss me but I teased him by turning my head. He ended up kissing my cheek. He noticed that my drink was almost gone and he asked what I had and if I wanted another. I told him while I nodded and he slipped into the mesh of people before I could realize what he was doing. He came back with and I sipped down about a third of it, then asked him if he wanted any. He took a few sips then gave it back to me. I drank the rest while we danced loosely against each other, then I walked over to the refreshment table and set my glass down among the others. I walked back to Wolfie and he tried again to steal a kiss, and again, I denied him, only to tease him.

He began kissing my neck instead, sending chills down my back, then he leaned over me and whispered in my ear.

"Make me howl for you..." his whispers tickled my ear and I giggled. I looked up into his dark eyes then reached out and placed my hand on his crotch. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me into him, pushing his hips into me to the beat of the music. I turned around and rubbed my ass against his pants, his hands were all over my body at this point. He turned me back around and took my hand, he led me to a dark corner.

He pressed me up against the wall and held my wrists forcefully enough to turn me on, but careful not to hurt me. He pressed his body into me and I lifted my face up to see him better. He moved in with a kiss. His lips just barely brushed against mine before he pulled away, he smiled at me. I pushed against him and felt the hard spot again where his manhood signified how turned on he was. We started making out, him pressing me against the wall, me rubbing my crotch against him in a back and forth motion. His tongue pressed inside my mouth, and I felt his "fangs" with my tongue.

He let go of my wrists and started to feel my body, moving his hands over my breasts, then down to my hips and waist, then behind me to my ass. He grabbed each cheek and almost lifted me up into him. I let go of our kiss to give him a naughty look, and he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs... Why the hell not, I thought to myself, so I took his hand as he led me around the spiral staircase up to the bedrooms... We made it to the hallway before we started kissing again, he pushed me into the wall and held me there.

"Yunno, cats and dogs don't usually get along," I teased him while he tried to kiss me. "Why do you think I'm being so rough?" he grunted in my ear.

"Because you know I like it," I stared him straight in the eyes as I said it. His cock was pressing against me and a few fellow partygoers were staring at us. When I looked at them, they turned away, I looked back at Wolf boy and smiled.

"You are soo hot, who are you?" he asked.

I thanked him and started biting his ears (his real ears), then I reached between his legs and grabbed his nuts. He pulled me off the wall and opened the first bedroom door. It was a study type of room„£ the walls were full of books and there was this huge wooden desk with a computer on it. A large chair sat in the corner. I pushed Wolfie over to the chair and sat in his lap, straddling him. He sat back and let me have my way with him. I pressed my hips into his body and held his shoulders against the chair while he kissed the bare part of my chest.

Then I stood back up and took off my tank, I pulled the soft fabric over my head and my breast fell free of their restraint. I flipped the shirt onto the floor by the chair and straddled Wolf boy again. His large furry hands wrapped around each of my breasts and he began to grab and rub them. His eyes stared at them in amazement. I was glad he was pleased. He lowered his head to my left nipple and began to suck on it. I felt his tongue roll around and around the tip of my breast while one hand was on my hips and his other was on my other breast. He squeezed my right nipple gently between his fingers and I moaned. He let go of my tit and reached down to my skirt, working his hand up under the tight fabric, he felt the smooth skin all along the inside of my things and then I felt him push my thong aside.

His fingers worked their way inside my slit, while the fur he wore on his hands tickled my thighs. I pressed down onto his hand and asked him for more. "More, you naughty kitten? I'll show you more," he whispered. He pushed me off and stood up, then he unzipped his pants and took off his long sleeved shirt. He had on a white wife-beater underneath; he looked surprisingly, yet incredibly hot in a pair of undone jeans, a wife- beater, and his "fur" and his fangs still on from his werewolf costume. His hands had a few patches of fur and his face of course, with fake extension-like, furry pieces of his ears. I leaned over to him and we kissed briefly, then he turned me around and threw me to the chair. He leaned over me and met my lips with a sweet kiss.

Every time I kissed him I felt his fangs against my soft lips, he gently bit me a few times, I thought I would scream from how good it felt. He got down onto his knees and pushed the fabric of my skirt up, revealing to himself my moist pussy. Reaching up inside my skirt, he found the straps of my thong and peeled them down my legs. I kicked them off and he lowered his head to my crotch. I felt his warm tongue prod its way between my pussy lips, sliding back and forth along the length of my slit. I moaned as he pushed his tongue into my hole, then slid it back out. His fingers worked around my clit in a circular motion, sending shivers up and down my spine. I felt it building up while his hands and tongue kept working at my pussy.

My back arched and my hips bucked forward against Wolfie's face... Exploding into an orgasm, moaning long and deep from within my body, I heard him tell me to quiet down a bit. I guess I was louder then I thought. He stood back up and dropped his pants to the floor, his cock was poking out through the fly in his boxers. He stood over me and rubbed his cock along my tits and stomach, then he stood upright again and pulled his boxers off. I leaned forward, lifted up his shirt and kissed his happy trail. His cock pressed into my neck, so I reached up and began to stroke it, I wrapped my soft hand around it and pulled the taut skin forward, then pushed back, then again I pulled forward. I felt a drop of moisture form at the tip of the head, so I lowered my mouth to his cock and licked it up. I swirled my tongue around his cock head and felt his big hand come down on my head as I began to take his big dick into my mouth.

His cock slid past my parting lips while my tongue massaged the underside of his shaft. His hands pushed my head further onto his dick while he moaned loudly. I looked up at him and his dark eyes were closed. His head slowly fell back and he took fistfuls of my hair in his hands, using it to push and pull me back and forth on his cock. He asked me if he could fuck me and I let go of his cock. I stood up and told his he could do anything he wanted to his little pussy. He turned me around and bent me over back wards, then pushed me onto my hands. His warm body came down on top of me and I felt his cock push into my tight slit. "You are soo tight!" he complimented. His 8 inches slid past my opening into my warm wet pussy. Once he was in all the way, he pulled in and out, then grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me into his pelvis. His cock plunged back and forth against my slick walls, I could hear him grunting through the moans escaping my own mouth.

He straightened his back out so he was sitting on his knees, I was still in the doggy style position. A hard slap came down on my ass and I looked around to see him smiling at me, he was staring at his cock going in and out of my pussy. I could feel my walls cling to his dick as he plunged in and out. His thrusts slowed as he got closer and closer. I heard him take a deep breath then felt the unmistakable rush of cum flowing into my pussy. His cock pulsed and twitched inside my pussy, shooting spurt after spurt of semen across my walls. His cock pulsed one last time and he bent over me to rest. I felt him pull out and he laid on the floor next to me. I lay down and noticed he was ed out. Cute little werewolf. I got up and dressed myself and went back to the party. As I walked down the stairs I straightened my hair and cat ears. I saw a guy dressed as a vampire walk up to me... Mmm, fangs... "Hey, wanna dance?" he asked. "Here we go again," I thought to myself.
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